What is a common theme found in Rock music?

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From the post WWI emotions in The Wall by Pink Floyd, the WW2 grievances in Metallica’s Fade to Black, to contemporary bands like Five Finger Death Punch catering to the Iraq/Afghanistan wars generations, directtelevisionpackages.com, Rock music tends to speak for social frustration world wide. Whether listening to it in Hong Kong, Dubai, or downtown Seattle, Rock music tends to sport the same frustrations. It doesn’t matter what massive cultural shift a historian decides to focus on, there is some Rock music running through its veins. From the Classic Rock bands of the tumultuous 60′s to the current social unrest in America being represented by bands like Shinedown, Seether, and Two Weeks, the legacy continues.Check out this link here. The digital age of social networking has only created new venues and means of communication between rock bands and their supporters. Huge movements are stirring within them, and coming from them. Only time will tell if and when the Occupy Wall Street movement will eventually identify with hard hitting socially conscious driven rock, but it’s a good bet. With high 25-34 unemployment, trillions in student, debt, and a disenfranchised voting population, new and exciting rock bands are sure to come from within their ranks. That’s exciting!

Who was one of the most influential Rock artists?

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The influences of Deborah Harry can be felt today in the earning potential, music style, and use of sex appeal in music videos. Annie Lenox, Madonna, Pink, and many other star performers attribute the lead singer of Blondie as having a prominent role in their development as a performer.

Refusing to be typecast, Deborah Harry excelled in a variety of musical styles. From rock, punk, disco, and even rap, Deborah Harry crossed genres successfully. She was one of the first women of rock to show that one can have financial success and keep up a loyal fan following (more…)

I Rock Out With the TV

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Going to take a break from the norm to speak frankly about my love affair with rock.

I don’t go to concerts and I don’t go to shows – if I want to rock out, I do it in front of the TV.

I don’t care if that sounds weird or makes me seem like any less of a legit rocker. I feel like if you spent enough time on this site already, you would see that I’m all about the rock – which is why I seek it off the TV.

Satellite radio is too expensive and the regular old radio is clouded too heavily with ads that break up my mojo. And why would I invest in stacks and stacks of CDs that you only end up having to find storage for?

All I need to do is fire up the cable television and jump right to the music channels. Whatever kind of rock I love – chances are good that there’s a channel for it that I can have going on in the background while I tidy up the house, maintain this site, or unwind after a busy day.

It’s not Woodstock and it’s not the Headbanger’s ball, but it’s comfortable and convenient.

What is the difference between classic rock and new rock?

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All music tells a story or makes a point. Some examples of storytelling would include Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Saturday Night Special, or the Moody Blues’ Legend of a Mind. Some music makes a joke out of subjects like Short People or little Nash Ramblers in Beep, Beep. The difference between classic rock and new rock is not the storytelling or the angst, but the passion with which the subject is rendered.

No (more…)

What are the 5 greatest Rock songs ever?

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According to the well-cited Rolling Stone Magazine list entitled “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time”, the top five also happen to be of the Rock genre. The results came from a 2004 and a 2009 poll of music industry experts. VH1 consulted 700 people in the music and radio industries in 2001 and came up with a list called “100 Greatest Rock Songs of All Time.”

So, what are the five greatest rock songs ever recorded? The answer is, “We don’t really know.” The reason for (more…)

What is Rock Music?

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Rock music is one of the most popular genres of music of today. It was developed as early as the 1940′s but didn’t really gain momentum until the 60′s. There are many different styles and sounds that make up rock music. Some of this earliest rock has bits of country, rhythm and blues, swing and even folk. Rock has centered around the sound of the electric guitar, which is usually accompanied by a bass guitar and drums. Some of the earliest influences to rock and (more…)

How Rock Music Began

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What we know as rock music began in the 1940′s. Rock was a fusion of different styles and sounds, that would change the way we heard music for the rest of our lives. These different sounds included country, jazz, blues, gospel, rhythm and blues and swing. There were many social and economic changes that happened before and after World War II, that contributed to the birth of rock music. Rock music is mostly centered around the electric guitar, which is part of a band of instruments which include bass guitars and drums. Technology in the 1940′s, (more…)

Most popular Rock artist ever

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The most popular rock artist ever may just be The Rolling Stones. This is a statement is surely contentious, but the band has retained its popularity and critical acclaim since the 1960s. They have been one of the most successful bands in history and are still touring. They have sold over 200 million records during their 45 year career. Their longevity has led them to be known and loved by multiple generations. This span has allowed them to become a worldwide phenomenon.

The Rolling Stones have adopted many different types of music to infused into rock & roll; blues, (more…)

Most popular Rock songs in the 2000′s

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We are currently in the era of the 2000′s and great rock music is still coming out. There are many great rock bands out there, with great rock songs to chose from.

In 2009 Three Days Grace released their album Life Starts Now and one of the songs on that album is the top of this list. “The Good Life” is a great rock anthem of the 2000′s. It’s lyrics are easy to relate to.

Breaking Benjamin is another band that has (more…)

Most popular Rock songs in the 90′s

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The music scene of the 90′s mostly revolved around grunge rock. Some of the most popular bands were Nirvana, STP and Pearl Jam.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” is an icon of 90′s music. If after Kurt Cobain’s supposed suicide the music of this band lived on and can still be heard on the radio. The ability to last, even after a band is long gone, makes great rock music.

Pearl Jam was in their hay-day when they released their album Ten. Nothing they have done since then has been quite as good. The song “Jeremy” is definitely (more…)

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